Angel Dear Lovie Blankie-Blue Bear
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Brand Angel Dear
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A perfect little security blankie and tagalong for your child. The delicious cashmere-like material is perfect for babies and toddlers to snuggle. Each blankie features a sweet animal head that’s easy to grip. It will bring smiles and comfort to your little napper and will likely become a favorite animal friend to take along on many adventures.

Soft and snuggly
100% Polyester microfiber
Machine washable
Measures 13"x13"

  • 超人气婴儿安抚巾, 超萌疗育动物造型, 宝宝最好的好朋友
  • 材质极度柔软, 触感极佳
  • 尺寸为: 33 公分 x 33公分
  • 广受好莱坞多位星妈及许多台湾妈咪部落客的强力推荐
  • 通过美国及台湾商检局婴幼儿纺织品严格安全检验
  • 建议手洗, 晾干即可, 如放洗衣机, 请务必放入洗衣袋精洗, 不建议烘干
  • 美国设计, 中国精致织造 (Designed in USA, Made in China)

安抚巾使用方式: 建议麻麻可以先将安抚巾放于自己身上, 让安抚巾有麻麻的味道, 再将安抚巾给小宝宝, 小宝宝会认麻麻的味道, 手能抓着轻肤柔软的安抚巾, 便会有种安全感, 因而睡得也较安稳

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